• Driving Towards Greatness

  • Our Mission

    We're on a mission to explore new horizons and make connections along the way!

    What is Kids on A Gerney?

    Kids on a Gerney is a Non Profit Organization, founded by Gernica Johnson has a mission that encourages an open and safe environment for the community through the fundamentals of indoor and outdoor team building.

    Kids on a Gerney is a kid’s activities club that caters to the youth. We promote creativity, encouragement, adventure and positivity that will empower our little people to be great. Our goal is to nurture their growing expanding minds as well as give them the creativity, playful education needed to succeed in their future journeys into elementary, middle school, high school and even college!

    Why Should your child join Kids on A Gerney?

    Creativity+ Encouragement +Adventure +Empower+Positivity+Greatness+Thankfulness+Gratefulness = Kids On a Gerney


    ​We Encourage...

    •  Community spirit grows as mixed-ages interact
    • Children interact with those they may not know
    • Social skills & creativity are nurtured
    • Older kids help the younger
    • Younger learn from the older
    • New skills are learned by both youth and adults; learning is integrated
    • Mixed-ages are supported


    Kids on a Gerney will allow kids to fraternize and explore new sceneries with friends and potential new friends. It allows your kid(s) to entertain and explore and you the parent a chance for some time. As a parent, I am fully aware of the importance of “me time”. It is also important for our kids to explore and experience positive things that will impact their childhood in a fun and exciting way.